LingHacks runs a few programs:

    1. Workshops. We host computational linguistics workshops across the country, covering topics from the mathematical foundations of machine learning to building real-world natural language processing applications. We both host our own workshops and present workshops and distribute our curricula to partner events and schools. Click here to learn more about our workshops. Click here to request a workshop or a workshop lesson plan at your school or event.

    2. Clubs. We design curricula for schools across the world to start Computational Linguistics Clubs. The curriculum covers introductory Python programming and text preprocessing, fundamental math, machine learning/NLP algorithms, tutorials for building NLP applications, and research talks on papers relating to computational linguistics in society. We also provide curricula for computing clubs interested in adding computational linguistics to their meetings. Click here to learn more about our club program. Click here to start a Computational Linguistics Club at your school, or click here to add computational linguistics to your computing or linguistics club.

    3. Hackathons. LingHacks IV, the fourth iteration of the world's first computational linguistics hackathon for high school students, will be happening virtually in spring 2022. Click here to see what happened at LingHacks I, and click here to sign up for LingHacks IV!

    4. Regional chapters. Chapters can host workshops, start local clubs, host guest speakers, put on mini-conferences and mini-hackathons, and more! Click here to learn more about our chapter program.

    5. Informational publications: a blog and a resource page. The blog includes some introductory programming tutorials and will expand to include articles about various NLP topics, and the resource page is a growing collection of educational resources and opportunities centered around computational linguistics (mostly for students, but much of it applies to non-students as well). If you'd like to contribute a resource to our resource page, let us know here. If you have a suggestion for our blog, let us know at