Harnessing the intersection of math and language.

What is LingHacks?

LingHacks, a project of Hack+, is an international nonprofit dedicated to harnessing the intersection of math and language to equip students of all backgrounds with cutting-edge technology, problem-solving, and interdisciplinary thinking skills. We run hackathons, workshops, and clubs to expose students to the field of natural language processing, inspire students to pursue technical and interdisciplinary careers, and empower students to produce long-term impactful social innovations. We recently ran the fourth iteration of the LingHacks hackathon. Sign up here to be the first to know about our next event!

What is computational linguistics?

Computational linguistics, otherwise known as natural language processing, is the field of artificial intelligence that applies to the synthesis and analysis of language and speech. Things like machine translation technologies, voice assistants, search engines, and chatbots are all powered by computational linguistics tools. It's a fascinating synergy of scientific techniques applied to an elegant humanity that is part and parcel of our core human identities.

Why computational linguistics?

Computational linguistics bridges the gap between simple rule-following computers and complex humans who can comprehend emotion and interpret ambiguity, which gives computers more humanistic abilities. Comp ling techniques also power tools used in biology, fintech, IT, and more. Computational linguistics intrigues people across a broad spectrum of artistic and technical interests.

How is LingHacks responding to the COVID-19 pandemic?

All LingHacks events and content will be produced virtually for the foreseeable future to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, we recognize that our direct contribution to the front lines of the pandemic response is limited. As such, we are doing what we can to (1) continue serving as an educational resource for students and the global community and (2) serve as a promotional platform to amplify the reach of existing initiatives. Throughout the last few years, we have published resource compilations and technical tutorials on our blog and hosted virtual programming/machine learning/computational linguistics events. Sign up here to be notified when we publish new resources, tutorials, and workshops. In addition, we are committed to helping to promote existing crisis response initiatives: if you have an initiative that you would like to spread the word about--whether it's an educational event, a summer program, a mask-making task force, a mental health app, a social justice initiative, or anything aiming to help people cope with this pandemic or prevent future pandemics--shoot us an email at so we can share it with our audience!

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What We Do

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